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Sustainable Traditions: Book Review of Reclaiming Our Food

[Reclaiming Our Food] is the quintessential survey of the diversity, creativity and viability of this movement. Reading this book is like going on a roadtrip with the author to meet the multitude of people and organizations that are using food as a means to renew and transform their communities…. One part photo essay, one part food system philosophy, and one part storytelling- featuring nearly 60 grassroots food projects – this is the book I have always wished someone would write to prove once and for all that there is truly a revolution happening across all our major cultural divides. There is … Read More

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“Local-Washing:” A Dirty Business

“Local-washing” was probably only a matter of time. Call me naïve, call me hopeful, or call me trusting. Whatever I was, I no longer am. My understanding of the local food movement was turned upside down last week, when I visited a small bucolic farm off a dirt road leading down to the James River. There, a premier artisan cheese maker turned my head when she asked, “You’ve heard of local-washing, haven’t you?” Local-washing is a simple concept, and amazingly easy to execute. Steal the name of one or more local farms, and use it to gain street cred for your … Read More

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5 Ways to Eat Local: Core Performance Interviews Tanya

Pete Williams – a UVa alumni (wahoowah!) – interviews Tanya about the health impacts of eating more locally, and 5 easy ways most people can choose to eat locally and make a difference. Pete Williams is a contributing writer for CorePerformance.com and the co-author of the Core Performance book series. Listen to the podcast here. And read about the 5 ways to eat local here.

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SmubHub Blog: "Reclaiming Our Food" at Greensgrow

Last Friday, Tanya Denckla Cobb, UVa Food Systems Professor and author of “Reclaiming our Food: How The Grassroots Food Movement is Changing brand viagra the Way We Eat.”, gave an energetic and hopeful talk in the greenhouse at Greensgrow Farm, which is profiled CB Surge – CB Analytics To Make You Money in her book along with other successful movers and shakers in the local food movement. Read full SmubHub’s blog

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Daily News Progress – Growing Awareness: A New Relationship With Food

Article by David Maurer: “Ancient lines of communications are being re-established between growers and urban dwellers at bustling farmers’ markets nationwide. Chickens cluck and peck happily in backyards of Charlottesville homes, and in major metropolitan settings such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. Vacant lots in inner cities that once were open trash dumps now produce fresh, wholesome herbs, fruits and vegetables. These examples are not the illusionary hopes of back-to-the-earth visionaries, but realities occurring coast to coast. In a remarkable awakening, people of all ages and backgrounds are realizing something has gone terribly wrong with our commercially produced … Read More

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Virginia Food Heritage Project, Interview with Tanya Denckla Cobb, by Becky Allen

“I heard about the Virginia Food Heritage Project from my friend, Patty Wallens, who know about seed-saving and such things. I was intrigued phizer viagra by the this idea of ‘Knowing our past – Growing our future,” and Patty put me in touch with Tanya Denckla Cobb, a UVa professor who teaches food system planning at the School of Architecture and is an environmental mediator in the University’s Institute for Environmental Negotiation…. ”  read the Virginia Food Heritage Project interview by Becky Allen

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Edible Nutmeg: A Conversation with Author Tanya Denckla Cobb, by K.Peterson

“The surface of the grassroots local food movement is well known to edible readers – stocked farers market stalls, local cheese on a menu, a community garden nearby, or a farm-to-tray school lunch program. The underpinnings of the movement, its foundation, is made up of people and organizations that span the country and give rise to the elements we are all so familiar with. It is these people cheap celebrex online and organizations that are at the core of Reclaiming Our Food….” Profile and interview by K. Peterson

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Green Bronx Machine Grows Skills, Minds, Hope

The Bronx kicks off a student-run farmers market with a short video. Worthwhile project teaches students important job skills, offers nutritious tasty food to neighbors, Cialis online purchase generic and grows hope.

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New U.S. Dept of Labor Rule on Youth Working on Farms Misguided

It was very hard for me to read about the new U.S. Department of Labor proposed rule on youth working on farms.  Many moons ago I worked at DOL (okay, several hundred moons ago, back in the 1980’s), where I was steeped in efforts to promote international labor rights. I worked on the U.N.’s International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and international efforts to protect children from abusive working conditions. Why is the DOL now coming out with a proposed rule against youth working on farms? While children under the age of 16 would still be able to work on farms … Read More

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Deer Hunting and the Local Food Movement

In “Hunting for Anthropologists: Deer Hunting and the Local Food Movement,” Elizabeth Danforth of the Iowa Food Systems Council makes a strong case that anthropologists can and should bridge the current knowledge gap between the culture of hunting and the local food movement. A powerful argument for connecting wild game, particularly deer, and the local food movement is the fact that deer herds multiply so quickly, doubling within three years, and hunters not only can help states prevent these rising deer populations from becoming a threat to travelers and farmers livelihoods but they can also provide relief to the hungry. Danforth … Read More

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