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Let’s Eat In

To cook or not to cook? That is the question.  Such a simple question, too. It’s one that food activist and author Michael Pollan answered in his latest book Cooked with a resounding yes. Yet it’s a disquieting question for us humans to ask – and historically unprecedented. Read more in my Edible Blue Ridge Winter 2014 column.

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Deer Hunting and the Local Food Movement

In “Hunting for Anthropologists: Deer Hunting and the Local Food Movement,” Elizabeth Danforth of the Iowa Food Systems Council makes a strong case that anthropologists can and should bridge the current knowledge gap between the culture of hunting and the local food movement. A powerful argument for connecting wild game, particularly deer, and the local food movement is the fact that deer herds multiply so quickly, doubling within three years, and hunters not only can help states prevent these rising deer populations from becoming a threat to travelers and farmers livelihoods but they can also provide relief to the hungry. Danforth … Read More

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