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On the Huffington Post: Organic Food Not Just for Snobs, Dr. Oz

“… finally, we would get the straight dope on how we can eat well without breaking the bank…” Huffington Post op-ed featured here: Organic Food Is Not Just For Snobs, Dr. Oz.

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“Local-Washing:” A Dirty Business

“Local-washing” was probably only a matter of time. Call me naïve, call me hopeful, or call me trusting. Whatever I was, I no longer am. My understanding of the local food movement was turned upside down last week, when I visited a small bucolic farm off a dirt road leading down to the James River. There, a premier artisan cheese maker turned my head when she asked, “You’ve heard of local-washing, haven’t you?” Local-washing is a simple concept, and amazingly easy to execute. Steal the name of one or more local farms, and use it to gain street cred for your … Read More

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New U.S. Dept of Labor Rule on Youth Working on Farms Misguided

It was very hard for me to read about the new U.S. Department of Labor proposed rule on youth working on farms.  Many moons ago I worked at DOL (okay, several hundred moons ago, back in the 1980’s), where I was steeped in efforts to promote international labor rights. I worked on the U.N.’s International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and international efforts to protect children from abusive working conditions. Why is the DOL now coming out with a proposed rule against youth working on farms? While children under the age of 16 would still be able to work on farms … Read More

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Virginia Prison System Serves Local Food

A prison might be the last place you’d expect to see healthy local food. Yet, under the innovative leadership of William Gillette, manager of Virginia’s Department of Corrections agribusiness program, Virginia is plowing new ground for prison food. Literally. (+ Show) Not only do inmates grow and eat their own vegetables, but they also produce much of their own meat, milk, and honey. And more recently they’re even grinding their own flour. Taxpayers, worry not! Gillette is all about the bottom line. He is proud to say that his system of growing, packing, freezing and distributing the inmate-grown food back … Read More

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