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Let’s Eat In

To cook or not to cook? That is the question.  Such a simple question, too. It’s one that food activist and author Michael Pollan answered in his latest book Cooked with a resounding yes. Yet it’s a disquieting question for us humans to ask – and historically unprecedented. Read more in my Edible Blue Ridge Winter 2014 column.

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Food Justice For All

Read my column in Edible Blue Ridge, Summer 2013: Access to fresh, wholesome food is not a privilege. …. If food security is about ensuring that people don’t go hungry, then surely food justice is about helping people become whole, with dignity and choice. MORE

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On the Huffington Post: Organic Food Not Just for Snobs, Dr. Oz

“… finally, we would get the straight dope on how we can eat well without breaking the bank…” Huffington Post op-ed featured here: Organic Food Is Not Just For Snobs, Dr. Oz.

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GardenWorks DuPage

It’s a rare privilege for a writer to learn that a book has changed someone’s life. Over the years, I’ve received everything from profuse thanks to cranky complaints about my books. Most anyone who takes the time to write an author is usually doing it because they were moved in some way. For example, the few complaints I’ve received are usually something like: “Love your gardening book, but why didn’t you include artichokes?!” or “I can’t believe you didn’t include rhubarb! How can you consider yourself a real gardener if you don’t grow rhubarb!” Yes, I welcome even these complaints, … Read More

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Sustainable Traditions: Book Review of Reclaiming Our Food

[Reclaiming Our Food] is the quintessential survey of the diversity, creativity and viability of this movement. Reading this book is like going on a roadtrip with the author to meet the multitude of people and organizations that are using food as a means to renew and transform their communities…. One part photo essay, one part food system philosophy, and one part storytelling- featuring nearly 60 grassroots food projects – this is the book I have always wished someone would write to prove once and for all that there is truly a revolution happening across all our major cultural divides. There is … Read More

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Taste for Life: “Food for Thought,” review by Lisa Fabian

A revolution is under way! Communities around the country are heeding the call of a grassroots movement that has individuals turning to local food sources, becoming backyard gardeners, giving food to those in need, and honoring the Earth through traditional agriculture. This practical handbook offers words of wisdom and encouragement on these topics and more. It’s an inspiring resource for all those who wish to join the revolution and change the way our country eats. Taste for Life, Lisa Fabian, January 2012

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Green Bronx Machine Grows Skills, Minds, Hope

The Bronx kicks off a student-run farmers market with a short video. Worthwhile project teaches students important job skills, offers nutritious tasty food to neighbors, Cialis online purchase generic and grows hope.

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Deer Hunting and the Local Food Movement

In “Hunting for Anthropologists: Deer Hunting and the Local Food Movement,” Elizabeth Danforth of the Iowa Food Systems Council makes a strong case that anthropologists can and should bridge the current knowledge gap between the culture of hunting and the local food movement. A powerful argument for connecting wild game, particularly deer, and the local food movement is the fact that deer herds multiply so quickly, doubling within three years, and hunters not only can help states prevent these rising deer populations from becoming a threat to travelers and farmers livelihoods but they can also provide relief to the hungry. Danforth … Read More

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Mother Nature Network: The Ten Most Impressive Farm to School Programs

Learn about these 10 successful farm-to-school programs: Growing Minds, which is featured in my new book, Reclaiming Our Food, is joined by The Boston Public Cialis vs levitra Schools, Ecotrust, the Native Harvest, Vermont FEED, Cornell Farm to School, NH Farm to School, Seven Generations Ahead, REAP and Georgia Organics.  From  BestCollegesOnline.com    

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the Atlantic: Marion Nestle selects Reclaiming Our Food as a worthy pick

From cialas Marion Nestle: ” I get sent a lot of manuscripts to review for possible endorsements (“blurbs”). I read them and happily agree to blurb the ones I think worth special attention. These were recently released: “Tanya Denckla Cobb’s Reclaiming Our Food: How the Grassroots Food Movement is Changing the Way We Eat(Storey, 2011). I blurbed this one: “People constantly ask me what kinds of things they can do to get involved in the food movement and where to start. Now I can just hand them this. The projects it describes should inspire readers to get busy doing similar projects in … Read More

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