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Simple guidelines for starting a gleaning operation in any community

This small Kentucky nonprofit has saved over the past three years over 170,000 lbs of fresh vegetables and fruit from going to waste, redirecting this good food to feed the hungry in Kentucky communities. If you’re interested in learning how to do this in your community, Faith Feeds has a few simple guidelines easy enough for anyone to follow. For more information on gleaning, how we could glean enough food to feed all of America’s hungry, and how different organizations are using different methods to do just this, check out Chapter 9 of my book, Reclaiming Our Food.

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GardenWorks DuPage

It’s a rare privilege for a writer to learn that a book has changed someone’s life. Over the years, I’ve received everything from profuse thanks to cranky complaints about my books. Most anyone who takes the time to write an author is usually doing it because they were moved in some way. For example, the few complaints I’ve received are usually something like: “Love your gardening book, but why didn’t you include artichokes?!” or “I can’t believe you didn’t include rhubarb! How can you consider yourself a real gardener if you don’t grow rhubarb!” Yes, I welcome even these complaints, … Read More

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Excerpt in GRIT: Polyface Farm Ethics-Based Anti-Wall Street Contrarian Business Practices

Polyface Farm: Ethics-Based Anti-Wall Street Contrarian Business Practices Excerpt from Reclaiming Our Food:   “No sales targets: A classic business might set a goal for selling a thousand widgets every month. And then it strives to create markets to achieve that target. Polyface Farm has decided never to set a sales target. A classic business model might suggest that Polyface should set a target to expand by 2015 to supply three Chipotle restaurants. Polyface takes a different attitude…. ”   Read Full Excerpt

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Daily News Progress – Growing Awareness: A New Relationship With Food

Article by David Maurer: “Ancient lines of communications are being re-established between growers and urban dwellers at bustling farmers’ markets nationwide. Chickens cluck and peck happily in backyards of Charlottesville homes, and in major metropolitan settings such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. Vacant lots in inner cities that once were open trash dumps now produce fresh, wholesome herbs, fruits and vegetables. These examples are not the illusionary hopes of back-to-the-earth visionaries, but realities occurring coast to coast. In a remarkable awakening, people of all ages and backgrounds are realizing something has gone terribly wrong with our commercially produced … Read More

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Virginia Prison System Serves Local Food

A prison might be the last place you’d expect to see healthy local food. Yet, under the innovative leadership of William Gillette, manager of Virginia’s Department of Corrections agribusiness program, Virginia is plowing new ground for prison food. Literally. (+ Show) Not only do inmates grow and eat their own vegetables, but they also produce much of their own meat, milk, and honey. And more recently they’re even grinding their own flour. Taxpayers, worry not! Gillette is all about the bottom line. He is proud to say that his system of growing, packing, freezing and distributing the inmate-grown food back … Read More

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Weighty Food Crisis Can Bring Great Changes

Whether small or huge, personal or public, a crisis commands our attention. A crisis is crazy difficult because it’s an unstable moment in time, without a clear outcome. As much as we might want to ignore a crisis or run in the opposite direction, it is a mountain ahead of us that must be climbed. In fact, we know it’s a real crisis when we look around for an easy way out, and the mountains completely surround us, prohibiting any easy way out. Weighty Food Crisis Today’s food crisis is like those mountains. [spoiler]It’s in the size of our waistbands, … Read More

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