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Glean Times

At the earliest possible age my brothers and I were inducted into the Clean Plate Club. My compassionate mother would admonish us to remember the starving children in Biafra. My stern father would tell us about his narrow escape into the Carpathian Mountains in the harsh Yugoslavian winter of 1944, where he and his mother nearly starved. Read the column

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Simple guidelines for starting a gleaning operation in any community

This small Kentucky nonprofit has saved over the past three years over 170,000 lbs of fresh vegetables and fruit from going to waste, redirecting this good food to feed the hungry in Kentucky communities. If you’re interested in learning how to do this in your community, Faith Feeds has a few simple guidelines easy enough for anyone to follow. For more information on gleaning, how we could glean enough food to feed all of America’s hungry, and how different organizations are using different methods to do just this, check out Chapter 9 of my book, Reclaiming Our Food.

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