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Virginia Food Heritage Project, Interview with Tanya Denckla Cobb, by Becky Allen

“I heard about the Virginia Food Heritage Project from my friend, Patty Wallens, who know about seed-saving and such things. I was intrigued phizer viagra by the this idea of ‘Knowing our past – Growing our future,” and Patty put me in touch with Tanya Denckla Cobb, a UVa professor who teaches food system planning at the School of Architecture and is an environmental mediator in the University’s Institute for Environmental Negotiation…. ”  read the Virginia Food Heritage Project interview by Becky Allen

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Green Bronx Machine Grows Skills, Minds, Hope

The Bronx kicks off a student-run farmers market with a short video. Worthwhile project teaches students important job skills, offers nutritious tasty food to neighbors, Cialis online purchase generic and grows hope.

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New U.S. Dept of Labor Rule on Youth Working on Farms Misguided

It was very hard for me to read about the new U.S. Department of Labor proposed rule on youth working on farms.  Many moons ago I worked at DOL (okay, several hundred moons ago, back in the 1980’s), where I was steeped in efforts to promote international labor rights. I worked on the U.N.’s International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and international efforts to protect children from abusive working conditions. Why is the DOL now coming out with a proposed rule against youth working on farms? While children under the age of 16 would still be able to work on farms … Read More

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Deer Hunting and the Local Food Movement

In “Hunting for Anthropologists: Deer Hunting and the Local Food Movement,” Elizabeth Danforth of the Iowa Food Systems Council makes a strong case that anthropologists can and should bridge the current knowledge gap between the culture of hunting and the local food movement. A powerful argument for connecting wild game, particularly deer, and the local food movement is the fact that deer herds multiply so quickly, doubling within three years, and hunters not only can help states prevent these rising deer populations from becoming a threat to travelers and farmers livelihoods but they can also provide relief to the hungry. Danforth … Read More

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More Grassroots Leaders Reclaiming Our Food!

In a wonderful testimonial to the strength of America’s grassroots food movement, hundreds of nominees competed for the NRDC’s third annual Growing Green award.  Review by a panel of independent sustainable food experts led to the selection of four outstanding individuals. Jim Cochran, of Swanton Berry Farm in Santa Cruz, California, won the 2011 food producer category. Cochran launched the first commercial organic strawberry farm in California before organic was cool – and certainly well before anyone dreamed that organic might someday be profitable. As someone who, in a previous life, worked in international labor rights, I was amazed to … Read More

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Weighty Food Crisis Can Bring Great Changes

Whether small or huge, personal or public, a crisis commands our attention. A crisis is crazy difficult because it’s an unstable moment in time, without a clear outcome. As much as we might want to ignore a crisis or run in the opposite direction, it is a mountain ahead of us that must be climbed. In fact, we know it’s a real crisis when we look around for an easy way out, and the mountains completely surround us, prohibiting any easy way out. Weighty Food Crisis Today’s food crisis is like those mountains. [spoiler]It’s in the size of our waistbands, … Read More

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