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Sustainable Traditions: Book Review of Reclaiming Our Food

[Reclaiming Our Food] is the quintessential survey of the diversity, creativity and viability of this movement. Reading this book is like going on a roadtrip with the author to meet the multitude of people and organizations that are using food as a means to renew and transform their communities…. One part photo essay, one part food system philosophy, and one part storytelling- featuring nearly 60 grassroots food projects – this is the book I have always wished someone would write to prove once and for all that there is truly a revolution happening across all our major cultural divides. There is … Read More

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Daily News Progress – Growing Awareness: A New Relationship With Food

Article by David Maurer: “Ancient lines of communications are being re-established between growers and urban dwellers at bustling farmers’ markets nationwide. Chickens cluck and peck happily in backyards of Charlottesville homes, and in major metropolitan settings such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. Vacant lots in inner cities that once were open trash dumps now produce fresh, wholesome herbs, fruits and vegetables. These examples are not the illusionary hopes of back-to-the-earth visionaries, but realities occurring coast to coast. In a remarkable awakening, people of all ages and backgrounds are realizing something has gone terribly wrong with our commercially produced … Read More

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Taste for Life: “Food for Thought,” review by Lisa Fabian

A revolution is under way! Communities around the country are heeding the call of a grassroots movement that has individuals turning to local food sources, becoming backyard gardeners, giving food to those in need, and honoring the Earth through traditional agriculture. This practical handbook offers words of wisdom and encouragement on these topics and more. It’s an inspiring resource for all those who wish to join the revolution and change the way our country eats. Taste for Life, Lisa Fabian, January 2012

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