Sustainable Traditions: Book Review of Reclaiming Our Food

[Reclaiming Our Food] is the quintessential survey of the diversity, creativity and viability of this movement. Reading this book is like going on a roadtrip with the author to meet the multitude of people and organizations that are using food as a means to renew and transform their communities…. One part photo essay, one part food system philosophy, and one part storytelling- featuring nearly 60 grassroots food projects – this is the book I have always wished someone would write to prove once and for all that there is truly a revolution happening across all our major cultural divides. There is a deep shift occurring across geographic, racial, economic, political and religious divides – as communities come together around the importance of soil and food, land and table. Read Jason Fowler’s Sustainable Traditions full review of Reclaiming Our Food

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  1. Jason Fowler says:

    Tanya, Thanks for mentioning Sustainable Traditions and thank you for writing such an awesome book! If you are ever in Region 2000 I’d love to connect.

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