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Projects Worthy of Recognition and Praise

Simple guidelines for starting a gleaning operation in any community

This small Kentucky nonprofit has saved over the past three years over 170,000 lbs of fresh vegetables and fruit from going to waste, redirecting this good food to feed the hungry in Kentucky communities. If you’re interested in learning how to do this in your community, Faith Feeds has a few simple guidelines easy enough for anyone to follow. For more information on gleaning, how we could glean enough food to feed all of America’s hungry, and how different organizations are using different methods to do just this, check out Chapter 9 of my book, Reclaiming Our Food.

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GardenWorks DuPage

It’s a rare privilege for a writer to learn that a book has changed someone’s life. Over the years, I’ve received everything from profuse thanks to cranky complaints about my books. Most anyone who takes the time to write an author is usually doing it because they were moved in some way. For example, the few complaints I’ve received are usually something like: “Love your gardening book, but why didn’t you include artichokes?!” or “I can’t believe you didn’t include rhubarb! How can you consider yourself a real gardener if you don’t grow rhubarb!” Yes, I welcome even these complaints, … Read More

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Green Bronx Machine Grows Skills, Minds, Hope

The Bronx kicks off a student-run farmers market with a short video. Worthwhile project teaches students important job skills, offers nutritious tasty food to neighbors, Cialis online purchase generic and grows hope.

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Mother Nature Network: The Ten Most Impressive Farm to School Programs

Learn about these 10 successful farm-to-school programs: Growing Minds, which is featured in my new book, Reclaiming Our Food, is joined by The Boston Public Cialis vs levitra Schools, Ecotrust, the Native Harvest, Vermont FEED, Cornell Farm to School, NH Farm to School, Seven Generations Ahead, REAP and Georgia Organics.  From    

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New York City Breaks New Ground for Urban Agriculture

Nevin Cohen and Kubi Ackerman, on Bittman’s NYT Opinion, November 21, 2011: Breaking New Ground: urban agriculture can be greatly expanded if DEP’s green infrastructure program preferentially invested in new urban farms and buy viagra com gardens.

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Organic Farm Prepares Veterans for Jobs in Sustainable Agriculture

Atlantic Monthly, by Kaid Benfield, November 18, 2011:  At Archi’s Acres in California, military veterans can learn organic production methods, farmers market management, and irrigation installation find cheapest cialis

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Virginia Department of Corrections Agribusiness Project

Virginia Department of Corrections Agribusiness Project website By Christine Gyovai [See Tanya’s blog about this.]  The Virginia Department of Corrections has created an unusual model for a self-sufficient food supply that is increasingly rare. Inmates enrolled in the DOC’s agribusiness program produce fish, meat, milk, and vegetables to feed the state’s entire inmate population. The program includes the following:   Meat and fish: Inmates raise beef cattle, pigs, and fish and operate the department’s processing plants, producing 4 million pounds of meat each year. All the pork, beef, and fresh fish consumed by inmates is produced through the DOC’s agribusiness … Read More

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Coon Ridge Organic Goat Cheese Dairy

For those who are thinking goats must always be penned, whether in a community, or in a mobile farm grazing paddock, Nancy Coonridge, who began Coon Ridge Organic Goat Cheese Dairy in 1982, runs a herd of 70 free-range dairy goats on 300 acres in New Mexico’s western high desert surrounded by piñon and juniper forests. “Most dairy goat producers never give browse a chance,” she told the Stockman Grass Farmer. “They just don’t appreciate what a high quality feed it is and how healthy it is to let their animals get exercise.” She says that, because her free-range goats … Read More

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