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Collection of Media Reports compiled by the UVa School of Architecture

Booklist Names “Reclaiming Our Food” One of Top Ten Books on the Environment in 2012:  Public awareness of environmental concerns waxes and wanes, but science and nature writers remained on the case over the last 12 months, reporting on catastrophes overt and slow-brewing as well as efforts to do right by nature and ourselves…  Cobb discusses ingenious approaches to solving health, social, and environmental issues, including community-supported gardens, urban farming, and the raising of backyard chickens and goats.

Daily Progress: A bumper crop of ideas for local food

A Bumper Crop of New Ideas for Local Food

Charlottesville Tomorrow: How the grassroots local food movement is changing what we eat

Local Food Movement Crosses Disciplines, by Priscilla Melchoir

Excerpt in GRIT: Polyface Farm Ethics-Based Anti-Wall Street Contrarian Business Practices

Sustainable Traditions: Book Review of Reclaiming Our Food

5 Ways to Eat Local: Core Performance Interviews Tanya

SmubHub Blog: "Reclaiming Our Food" at Greensgrow

Event discusses past, present and future of locally grown food

Daily News Progress – Growing Awareness: A New Relationship With Food