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Guest “Reclaiming Our Food” Column for  Edible Blue Ridge

How Should FDA Implement a More Rational and Workable Approach to Regulating Tobacco, Nicotine, and Alternative Harm Reduction Products? Food and Drug Law Institute Policy Forum, Vol. 3, Issue 18, October 12, 2013. This article presents a eight Core Principles developed through a series of stakeholder dialogues convened by the Institute for Environmental Negotiation at the University of Virginia.

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Special Reports

National Assessment of Travel Management Planning: Challenges, Recommendations and Best Practices for Public Involvement. Denckla Cobb, Tanya and Frank Dukes, Lisa Hardy and Marguerite Johnstone.  May 2009.

Virginia Food Security Summit: Final Report Findings and Recommendations, early August 2007. Contributing editor.

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Waste Solutions Forum, April 28-29, 2005. Lead facilitator and author.

Governor’s Natural Resources Leadership Summit, April 10-11, 2003.  Lead facilitator and author.

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Land Application of Biosolids in Virginia, An independent research study commissioned by the Virginia Department of Health, November 1997.  Principal researcher, with Rich Collins.

Fluvanna: The Third Heritage Forum on Open Space, October 2002.  Distributed by the Fluvanna Heritage Forum.

Our Region, Our Vision, Our Decision: A Regional Vision for the Counties and Towns of Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, Orange and Rappahanock. With Bruce Dotson. Summer 2001.

Visioning the Future of Virginia’s Land Conservation: A Meeting of Virginia Land Conservation Organizations, Thursday, June 14, 2001. Summary Report, June 2001. Distributed by the Virginia Department of Forestry.

Thomas Jefferson Venture Heritage Tourism Project: Summary Report, July 2001. Lead researcher, with Karen Firehock.  Distributed by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission.


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