“This is one-third chicken soup for the soul, one-third chicken poop for the soil, and three thirds great stories of real people doing positive practice and transformative work with food.”  — Wayne Roberts, Canadian food policy analyst and writer, former manager of the Toronto Food Policy Council

Named 1 of Top 10  Books on the Environment for 2012, by Booklist

Nautilus 2012 Gold Green Living Award, for books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living, positive social change, stimulate the imagination, and offer new possibilities for a better life and a better world. 

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Inspirational stories of nearly 60 grassroots food programs. This book offers a wealth of information on how to make local food a practical and affordable part of everyone’s daily fare.

Hundreds of useful “lessons learned” makes this the most practical, hands-on guide for people wishing to strengthen their local food system.

Want to start a business of creating home gardens for others?Want to start a school garden? Want to change your community rules to allow bees or goats? This book is for you – it provides valuable advice and best practices from those who have already succeeded.

Are you a beginning farmer? An experienced farmer? Or an economic development specialist trying to help local agriculture? This book is for you – it provides valuable marketing and branding practices for success.

Are you working to fight hunger? Are you working to empower low-income or marginalized   groups? This book is for you – it provides key strategies for success.

This book will inspire, and will be a handbook you’ll come back to again and again, to learn important lessons from community food leaders of more than 50 different food projects across the U.S.  Their successes offer both inspiration and practical advice.

Where others have made the case for the local food movement, Reclaiming Our Food shows how communities are actually making it happen.

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